10 Best Non-Toxic Beach Toys

10 Best Non-Toxic Beach Toys

With warm weather around the bend and holidays on the horizon, what better time to take your children to the beach? But before you hit the waves, you might want to check what’s in your kid’s beach toys to ensure they don’t contain harmful compounds such as PVS, BPAs, and phthalates. At Toy Box, we want to ensure your children are safe, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite non-toxic beach toys. 

Beach Bucket 

What trip to the beach would be complete without a classic beach bucket? Perfect for making sandcastles and collecting seashells, beach buckets are a summer toy essential. Unfortunately, many beach buckets are made from dangerous plastics that contain BPA and other toxic chemicals. The good news is you can find many sustainable and eco-friendly brands out there. Some are even made with recycled materials!

Small beach rake and shovel

The perfect complement to your beach pail, a small beach rake and shovel will provide your child with hours and hours of entertainment on your next beach trip. Make sure you select a chemical-free, non-toxic plastic to keep your children and the environment safe.

Beach toy set

It’s easiest to buy your beach toy essentials in a simple all-inclusive package. For example, the Beach Basics set by Hape includes a sand pail, rake, strainer, and small shovel to get your beach adventures started on the right foot. With a wide range of beach toy essential set sizes, you're guaranteed to provide lots of entertaining fun on your next beach trip.

Beach strainer

What treasures are hiding in the sand? Now your child can find out by sifting their sand in their handy beach strainer. Perfect for taking beach adventures to the next level of excitement, the best beach strainers are made from non-toxic materials.

Large beach shovel

A beach essential, a large and durable beach shovel. Perfect for digging large holes, burying your legs in the sand, and making the ideal moat around their sandcastle, a large beach shovel provides extra hours of fun in the sun during your next sandy adventure. Dantoy offers a wide range of colors (red, blue, and yellow), made from durable perfume-free plastic free from BPA and other toxins. It’s the perfect sustainable and eco-friendly addition to your beach toy collection.

Sea-themed beach toys

Creating sea creatures out of sand at the beach is always fun! Dantoy’s Sea Theme Beach Toys allow your children to develop their own seaside aquarium complete with seahorse, crab, fish, and mermaid. These lightweight sand molds are made from strong and durable perfume and BPA-free plastic for long-lasting play.

Rake digger

Perfect for younger children with smaller hands, the Raki allows your child to work in the sand quickly. Best of all, this little toy is a two-in-one combo! With this rake and digger, this multi-piece open-ended toy will provide hours of creative fun on your next beach trip.

Frisbee disk

Who doesn’t love throwing around a frisbee? A new take on a classic, Quotes Flying Disc is perfect for frisbee fun at the beach or your next backyard BBQ. This foolproof flying disc is made of durable BPA-free recycled plastic and doubles as a sand sifter. 

Watering can

Everyone knows dry sand won’t hold good form; that’s why every good builder needs to water their sand creations. Dantoy’s watering cans are designed to help your children develop their sense of imagination and wonder while they play. If you are running low on space, be sure to grab a few essential items from Scrunch. Made from easy to bend silicon, Scrunch beach toys are designed specifically to make travelling and storage easy. Plus they are lots of fun!

Sustainable play sets

Not all beach toys are made specifically for the beach. Your children can get creative with the sand adventures with the right toys. From creating a sand garden with dantoy’s Green Garden Plating Set to digging with a sustainable, nontoxic Tractor Trailer Toy and setting sail with the Greenbean Recycled Plastic Boat, there are so many ways your child to have fun with safe, eco-friendly nontoxic toys at the beach. 


The best beach toys are made from eco-friendly materials free from BPA, phthalates, PVC, or external coatings to ensure the safest play for your children and the natural wonder of the environment they play in. So before you hit the beach, be sure to check out Toy Box’s nontoxic beach toys. Enjoy your fun in the sun!

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