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Handmade educational toys from wool felt, natural wood and pure cotton.

Papoosetoys are all handmade, natural and Fair Trade products.

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Woodland Tree Winter - toybox.ae
Woodland Tree Summer - toybox.ae
Winter Trees/3 - toybox.ae
Winter Trees/3
AED 245.00
Summer Trees/3 - toybox.ae
Summer Trees/3
AED 245.00
Summer Fairy House Set - toybox.ae
Summer Fairy House Mat Small - toybox.ae
Stacking Set/5pc Green - toybox.ae
Spring Trees/3 - toybox.ae
Spring Trees/3
AED 245.00
Rainbow Gnomes/7 Wood Bodies - toybox.ae
Quoits - toybox.ae
AED 295.00
Play Mat Farm - toybox.ae
Play Mat Farm
AED 320.00
Pine Trees/3 - toybox.ae
Pine Trees/3
AED 235.00
Papoose Salad Set/30pc - toybox.ae
Mushroom Set Medium/6 - toybox.ae
Mouse House set/6pc - toybox.ae
Mouse House set/6pc
AED 445.00
Mini Veg Set Boxed - toybox.ae
Mini Veg Set Boxed
AED 169.00
Hungry Caterpillar/all food/butterfly - toybox.ae
Hobbit House Mat - toybox.ae
Hobbit House Mat
AED 245.00
Goldilocks and 3 bears - toybox.ae
Farm Animal FP 4pc - toybox.ae
Farm Animal FP 4pc
AED 159.00
Earth Gnomes - toybox.ae
Earth Gnomes
AED 245.00
Dinosaurs Natural/5pc - toybox.ae
Dinosaur Pouch - toybox.ae
Dinosaur Pouch
AED 329.00
Barn Horses/4pc - toybox.ae
Barn Horses/4pc
AED 245.00
Baobab Tree/2 - toybox.ae
Baobab Tree/2
AED 195.00
Autumn Trees/3 - toybox.ae
Autumn Trees/3
AED 245.00
African Animal Finger Puppets/4pc - toybox.ae
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