5 Things Children Learn from Building Blocks

5 Things Children Learn from Building Blocks

As friends, parents, and grandparents of young children, it seems like we are always trying to spoil them! Whether it is for their birthdays, a holiday, or just to show them we care, we love to give them new surprises. And why not? Childhood needs to be magical and full of exciting and entertaining adventures!

Often during our search for the perfect gift, we wonder, is there a toy that can also help them learn? The answer is yes, building blocks! Blocks are the perfect open-ended play system with endless possibilities. 

Here are five things’ children can learn from playing with building blocks.

Socialization with Peers

Blocks are an excellent way for children to socialize with their peers. As they sit down to play blocks, they may notice someone already playing with the block. This provides your child witty an opportunity to ask if they can join, or perhaps they will be the one to invite others to play! Together, block builders communicate to decide what it is they’d like to build. They may even begin to ask for certain pieces or specific-colored blocks, which means the possibilities for socialization and communication are endless! CreatOn Magna-Tiles allow your children to build fun items, such as a school bus or lemonade stand to take their creative building to the next level of fun!

Fine Motor Skills

To build with blocks little ones must master the use of their fine motor skills. Every time they go to stack blocks on top of each other, their little fingers must first grasp the block and then stack it. Over time, the simple grasp turns into manipulation with radial palmer and then digital palmer grasp techniques. In particular, Magna-Tiles challenge young builders to use their fine motor skills as they build their creations. Aside from the general tile set, Magna-Tile has also released fun Eric Carle and Sesame Street building sets. Other skills learned through block building include hand-eye coordination, stability, motor planning skills, and more!

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Before building, every great block engineer tries to conceptualize what they’d like to build. Maybe it’s a beautiful castle, a large bridge, or a learning tower. Whatever it is, the simple act of trial and error helps them accomplish their end goal. For example, your little one may try to use a round piece where they very clearly need to use a square one instead. They eventually will figure this out on their own by utilizing their problem-solving skills. Once they see that the round block will roll away, they learn that the square block offers a strong and steady base.

New Educational Skills

Blocks are a great way for youngsters to practice their counting skills. Together with peers and parents, they can count 1, 2, 3, etc. as they stack each block. Additionally, when they build with unique shapes, they can point out which ones they know, while parents assist with learning the ones they don’t. Lastly, as they watch different blocks stand tall, while others topple over, they will see the effects of gravity (science skills) in action!

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Whether you are looking for new building blocks for your little one or shopping for a young friend, we have you covered. We’ve dedicated an entire page just to share our favourite building blocks! Thanks to popular block-making brands such as Magna-Tiles and CreateOn, there is something for everyone.

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