Explore a World of Endless Possibilities with Toy Box's Top Brands for Imaginative Play

Explore a World of Endless Possibilities with Toy Box's Top Brands for Imaginative Play

At Toy Box, we believe that playtime is an essential part of every child's development, and we're committed to offering toys that inspire imaginative play and creativity. That's why we've partnered with some of the world's most exciting and educational brands to provide a range of toys that are designed to promote learning through play. What's more, many of our top brands can be used together to enhance playtime, offering endless opportunities for young learners to explore, create, and have fun. So, whether your child loves building cities, exploring nature, or playing with food, we have a selection of toys that will inspire their curiosity and spark their imagination. Let's get started on their journey to playful adventures!

Waytoplay and Candylab

Waytoplay is a flexible road system that allows children to create endless configurations of roads and highways. And what better way to enhance your child’s open road adventures than with the right automobiles? Candylab's wooden toy cars are a perfect complement to Waytoplay, empowering children to use their imagination to create their own cityscape. The sleek designs of the Candylab cars make them a stylish addition to any Waytoplay setup guaranteeing endless hours of creative play. Additionally, Grapat Mandala pieces and figures can be used to create small worlds that can be integrated into Waytoplay setups. The colorful Mandala pieces can also be used to create parks, gardens, and other natural landscapes, while the Nins figures can be used to populate the world with people. 
The Fairy Glitch Mother - Waytoplay Road Bow road

Grimms and Grapat

Grimms is a globally recognized German toy maker with a reputation for producing wooden toys in vibrant colors and unique shapes that encourage children to explore their imagination and creativity. Grapat, an equally recognized Spanish toy maker, offering loose parts and sensory play items destined to inspire children to discover, experiment and create. When combined, these two brands create a world of endless possibilities. Children can use the Grimms blocks to build towers, castles, and cities, while the Grapat loose parts can be used to add texture, color, and personality to the structures. The combination of Grimms and Grapat offers a dynamic duo for children to exercise their imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills through the joy of playing.

Magna-Tiles and Lubulona

Magna-Tiles have gained immense popularity in the toy industry and have become a favorite of both parents and educators. These magnetic building tiles offer a fun and engaging way for children to develop their imagination and creativity while constructing visually appealing 3D structures. With Magna-Tiles, children can build anything from parking garages to bridges, adding a sense of life to their cityscape.
Moreover, when combined with Lubulona's wooden building sets, Magna-Tiles offer limitless possibilities for construction and building. The Magna-Tiles can be used to form walls, floors, and roofs, while the Lubulona sets can be employed to add intricate details, furnishings, and personality to the structures. What's more, Magna-Tile structures are incredibly versatile and can be combined with other toys for hours of imaginative play, such as connecting their Magna-Tile creations with Waytoplay roads, creating dramatic narratives with Grapat figurines and wizards, or enhancing their landscapes with Grapat Mandala pieces. The combination of Magna-Tiles and Lubulona provides a platform for children to explore their creativity and exercise their problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging way.

Erzi and By Astrup

Erzi and By Astrup are two well-known brands in the toy industry that offer high-quality wooden toys. By Astrup produces building blocks, dollhouses, and furniture that are the ideal play partner for Erzi’s wooden food toys. When combined, these toys offer a dynamic play experience for children that promotes imaginative thinking, social skills, and problem-solving. 
Whether it's building a market or a kitchen with By Astrup's building blocks and stocking the shelves and serving customers with Erzi's food toys or creating living spaces and play scenarios with By Astrup's dollhouses and furniture, these toys are an excellent tool for open-ended play that supports children's development. Combining Erzi and By Astrup toys offers limitless play possibilities for children, igniting their imagination, encouraging creativity, and fostering social skills. 
boy with Waytoplay toys

Abel Toys

Abel is a new brand that offers wooden animal figures and playsets that encourage children to learn about animals and nature. When paired with the Grimms and Grapat sets, children can create entire ecosystems, complete with forests, rivers, and mountains with Abel toys. Your little ones could also use Abel animals to populate the landscape or fill their Magna-Tile Zoo, inspiring children to learn about different animal habitats and behaviors. There really is no limit as to what other brands Abel toys will compliment.

Toy Box for all your creative play needs

Encouraging creativity and open-ended play, children can employ their ingenuity to devise their unique stories and scenarios, bringing their vibrant world to life with every play session. By combining your favorite toy brands, you provide your children access to a boundless universe of imaginative play opportunities. At Toy Box, our quality toy brands can be combined to construct an entire cityscape, with buildings, transportation, and a sprinkle of nature. The possibilities for imaginative play are infinite when these exceptional toys come together, providing endless entertainment, and promoting development in children.
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