Sigikid is a german company since over 47 years they have developed, tested, produced and sold their products with passion.

"At sigikid we believe in the love that we put into our products. We feel that children have a right to good design and that even the smallest details count. All of this is what differentiates us from many other brands. sigikid products are exceptional; they are designed for the most important people in the world: our children."

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Sigikid Comforter Camel -
Sigikid Activity Tag Caterpillar -
Sigikid Comforter, Ele Bele -
Sigikid Comforter, Leonora -
Sigikid Comforter bunny, Organic -
Sigikid Activity Bear -
Sigikid Comforter Bear Red -
Sigikid Musical Elephant, Ele Bele -
Sigikid Comforter bear, Mountain Beasts -
Sigikid Musical dog, Sepp Sapalato -
Comforter bear green, Wild and Berry Bears -
SIgikid Musical Bear red, Wild and Berry Bears -
Sigikid Rattle Ring Lion -
Sigikid Musical bear, Organic -
Sigikid Comforter, Schaf Schön -
Sigikid Rattle ring giraffe -
Sigikid Comforter, Sepp Sapalato -
SIgikid Doll "smart girl" -
Sigikid Teething ring owl -
Sigikid Activity elephant -
Sigikid Activity clip bear -
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