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Once upon a time in a land far far away, there was a Mummy that  had two little children and she always came back from her worldwide travels with suitcases full of toys.

One sunny day she sat down in her armchair in the garden and started to wonder and wonder and wonder….

Why was it so terribly difficult to find high quality, fun toys at a reasonable price where they lived in their Land far far away?

As she couldn´t answer the question, she decided that it might be a fabulous idea to open a shop in the Market Place and sell all the toys her boys and their friends loved so much.

Firstly she contacted a company in Germany that manufactured not only beautiful but also educational wooden toys as they are so essential to the development and retention of motor, sensory and tactile skills of children.

A couple of weeks later when she was happily baking with her kids in the kitchen of their cosy little Cottage in the woods, she wished she had kiddies baking tools which would fit her children’s little hands and make baking for them easier and more enjoyable.

It was then that she decided to find and add kiddies baking tools to her offerings at her Shop in the Market Place.

If other Mummies or Daddy’s or fiends of friends want to enquire about her offerings they are more than welcome to contact her on +971 (0) 50 9569868 or contact@toybox.ae.

Mandy Koebke

Founder of Toybox L.L.C.

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