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Travel Games

As the founder of Toybox - I have been working as a flight attendant  since 23 years as well. 

Every flight I see bored children and this is why I decided to set up this collection for you.

17 results
3D Puzzle Cube - toybox.ae
3D Puzzle Cube
AED 39.90
6 Piece Tegu Pocket Pouch Prism Magnetic Wooden Block Set, Blues - toybox.ae
Balancing Cactus - toybox.ae
Balancing Cactus
AED 115.50
Coral Reef
AED 51.45
Memo Game - toybox.ae
Memo Game
AED 42.00
Mosaic - toybox.ae
AED 42.00
Pick-Up Sticks - toybox.ae
Pick-Up Sticks
AED 42.00
Playn' Pack - City - toybox.ae
Playn' Pack - City
AED 132.00
Playn'Pack  Jungle - toybox.ae
Playn'Pack Jungle
AED 132.00
Playn'Pack - Forest - toybox.ae
Playn'Pack - Forest
AED 132.00
SMARTCAR MINI - toybox.ae
Smart Car Mini
AED 52.50
Stacking - toybox.ae
Stacking Game
AED 39.90
Tegu Travel Pal Jet(6 Piece) - toybox.ae
Tegu Travel Pal Kitty (6 Piece) - toybox.ae
Tegu Travel Pal Spaceship (6 Piece) - toybox.ae
Activity Pack - Monsters & Aliens - toybox.ae
Tower Tumbling - toybox.ae
Tower Tumbling
AED 100.00
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