Top 10 Motor Development Toys for Toddlers

Top 10 Motor Development Toys for Toddlers

Shopping for toddlers' birthdays, holidays, or even just for fun, can often feel overwhelming. Parents and grandparents often find themselves questioning, do I buy books, plastic toys, wooden blocks, or something geared directly toward their skill development? Here at Toy Box, we love age appropriate toys that empower kids to work on their fine motor skills and enhance cognitive development while remaining fun and entertaining. 

Check out a handful of our favorite toys to get your next shopping adventure started! 

1. Glow in the Dark Magna-Tiles Set

Designed to develop math, science, spatial, and tactile skills, these glow in the dark Magna Tiles come in triangles and square shapes that offer open ended, imaginative play. Designed for ages 3 years old and up, toddlers will love building a castle, tower, car garage, and more. Best of all, as they build they will be developing their fine motor skills as they piece together their creations.

2. Smart Max Build & Roll

If a marble run on is your list of gifts, check out the Smart Max Build & Roll 44 piece set. This multi-colored set features tubes, tunnels, blocks, and marble like balls that are easy to grasp for little hands. Your toddler will be able to create their own design and then immediately test out their handy work, leaving room for hours of imaginative building and open ended play. As they play with their marble runs, your children will learn more about spatial awareness and develop their key fine motor skills. Best of all, they won't realize they're learning, because it simply feels like play!

3. Wobbel Original 

The Dutch designed Wobbel Original is great for any age, but especially toddlers who are learning balance and use imagination. Available in a variety of finishes, this curved piece of beechwood can be used to balance and rock while standing up, sitting down, or turned upside down to walk across like a bridge. The fun play doesn’t stop there, it could also become a backdrop for a ball to hit and more. Great for developing balance and coordination, they can also use it for a variety of uses during their imaginative play.

4. Wooden Puzzles

Add a wooden learning aid to your toddlers toys as they learn to master the numbers 1-10. Puzzles, such as the Melissa and Doug The Wheels on the Bus Sound Puzzle, provide your toddler the opportunity to plan, test, utilize their memory, and solve problems. With this unique foot puzzle, practicing colors is also an option. As they play, kids also refine their fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills by manipulating puzzle pieces to put the puzzle together. They also develop the small muscles in their hands, which allow them to grasp and move puzzle pieces with precision.

5. Tricycles and Bicycles

A tricycle or bicycle is a great way for your child to have fun while developing their motor skills. Riding a tricycle helps improve gross motor skills by developing coordination, endurance, and strengthening. It also helps with full-body sensory awareness, visual stimulation, and improves attention by focusing on the task at hand.

One of our favorites is the new Banwood Trike. As they zoom around,, they’ll be developing their hand eye coordination, balance, and steering skills. If that wasn’t enough, parents and grandparents will adore the high quality beechwood pedals, vegan leather seat, and adorable front basket. This awesome trike also comes in red, navy, white, and more!

6. Grimm’s Mixed Forest

Mixing and matching a variety of shapes and shades of green (non-toxic color stain), the beautifully crafted Grimm’s Mixed Forest includes a seven piece forest that can be custom built by your little one. The play cars and people can travel through their imaginative creations and the wild unknown for hours of play. Just think of all of the motor skill development and fun to be had. For additional fun, add on Grimm’s houses, mushrooms, and more.

7. CandyLab Candy Car 

Safety tested and toddler approved, these vibrant CandyLab Candy Cars come in a few color options and are ready to zoom around your loved ones bedroom floor, makeshift roads, and beyond! Crafted with durable beechwood, you may find your little one dreaming of becoming a race car driver. 

8. ByAstrup Cuddle Doll

Handmade to perfection, these high quality Cuddle Dolls By Astrup offer a modern look with soft and cuddly feel. Whether you opt for beautiful Sonja or Victor, a cuddle doll will provide your toddler with hours of hugs, kisses, love, and imaginative play. For more fun, find Sonja’s friends or additional accessories so your little one can create an entire set up. What toddler doesn’t love to play house?

9. Rubbabu’s Wacky Ball - Jellyfish

Squishy and soft, the Wacky Ball with jellyfish design is ideal for newborns on up. Crafted from natural rubber foam and other eco-friendly materials, this fun ball encourages tactile stimulation along with other natural movements such as throwing, bouncing, pushing, and moving. It’s the perfect gift without going overboard. 

10. Viga Wooden Xylophone  

For the tiny musician in your life, a beautiful wooden xylophone by Viga offers a vibrant rainbow coloured look that was thoughtfully created with eco-friendly non-toxic paint. Your toddler will not only use their fine motor skills to hold the wooden mallet and play lovely tunes, but they’ll also use their imagination and creativity through open-ended play. 

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