Sensory Balls

Eco-friendly sensory toys for babies, children and special needs.

Three textured tactile balls in bright colors and shapes that are fun to hold, rub and squeeze. These soothing and sensory balls are great as fidget toys, stress balls, or just to play with. They have the signature Rubbabu velvety feel. 

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Whacky Ball Poky  4"
Whacky Ball Poky 4"
Dhs. 39.00
Sensory Ball Large 4"-Crater
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Sensory Ball Large 4"-Golf
Whacky Ball Subamarine  4"
Whacky Ball Lunar  4"
Whacky Ball Jelly Fish  4"
Whacky Ball fashion  4"
Sensory Ball Large 4"-Torpedo
Sensory Ball Large 4"-Naval Mine
Sensory Ball Large 4"-Bumpy
Sensory Ball Large 4"-Bubble
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