Vacation with the Kids: Essential Accessories To Make Your Next Smoother

Vacation with the Kids: Essential Accessories To Make Your Next Smoother

Family holidays are so much fun! Spending time together, seeing a new place, and experiencing an adventure together is a way to make memories you will all cherish for years to come. But for mom and dad, this fun and exciting time can also be stressful and exhausting. From kids luggage to car seat travel trays and easy-to-pack toys, the experts at Toy Box are always on the lookout for the right travel gear and accessories to help make your next family vacation a smoother experience.

Car seat tray

If you plan on taking an extended road trip by car, then your child will need to stay entertained. However, it’s hard to color and play while they are restrained in their car seats. A car seat tray is a safe attachment that connects to the front of your child’s seat without compromising their safety restraints. The Hauck Play On Me is guaranteed to banish all boredom on your next car trip. 

Easy to mount and fasten, this padded tray is large enough for their favorite toys, games, and books. The raised edge keeps their toys from falling, and the pockets provide plenty of extra storage space. Best of all, its foldable compact design makes it ideal for travel. Extremely versatile, you can even pack it in your suitcase for when you fly, then simply add it to the car seat upon arrival. 

Seat organizers

Another great addition for your upcoming car trip is a backseat organizer. The easy-to-install and store organizers are designed to organize all your toys and travel gear (such as hand sanitizer, sunscreen, napkins, etc.). The Skip Hop Backseat organizer features a chic chevron print, two insulated bottle pockets, and a large mesh pocket for storage. Whether you need to store snacks, coloring books, crayons, or toys, this back seat organizer is up to the task.

Baby carrier

Regardless of where you are traveling, the DUO baby carrier offers a simple, practical, quick, and easy way to carry your baby and remain hands-free. Baby carriers keep your hands free to shop, rummage through your bag for your passport, and more while you are on the go. They are even perfect for helping your infant sleep on your chest while flying on the plane. Easy and compact, you can easily pack this baby carrier in your luggage.

A dependable travel bag

One thing every family on the go needs is a great travel bag. A durable backpack or side satchel is a must for carrying all your travel necessities for mom and dad. The right bag has plenty of pockets to store your identification and passports, diapers, wipes, toys, snacks, hand sanitizer, etc. Being in charge of their personal items is fun for the kiddos and teaches them responsibility. Skip Hop Backpacks, Trixie Rolling Luggage, and kid's suitcases all provide an excellent way for your little one to carry their clothes, toys, and electronic devices for your next family trip.  

Travel bed

For toddlers, a travel bed is a great way to provide them with a safe place to sleep while you are staying with friends and family or in a hotel. The Hauck Nursery Dream’n Play can be easily folded and assembled in no time at all. Similarly, the Hauck Nursery Sleep’n Play Center is just as compact and easy to set up. Both options provide a safe and comfortable space for your child to sleep while you are on the go. For infants, the Doomoo Basics Baby Travel nursery bag offers a comfortable floor bed for your baby to sleep, enjoy tummy time, and even be changed. The nursery bag is practical, lightweight, and perfect for car and air travel.

Travel games

Magnetic travel games are a great option for playing while on the go. The magnets allow your child to play freely without fear of dropping or losing the pieces of their game. Smartgames offer a wide range of games for toddlers and school aged children to include Flippin’ Dolphins, Brain Cheeser, and Tangos animal shape puzzle, all guaranteed to provide your child with hours of entertaining fun.

For older children, the IQ Arrows Pocket Board Game is a challenging brain game for ages 7 and older. Compact, this little game offers your child a unique travel game featuring 120 challenges, from easy to expert. For longer trips, consider a Sweet Pea gifts box. Each box is curated with age appropriate games and toys for your traveler to entertain themselves on their trip. From toddler to school aged (up to 12), each box contains a variety of items, such as coloring books, markers, color by number books, magnet dress up dolls, wooden pocket mazes, lacing cards, and so much more. 

Baby monitor

It’s always good to have eyes on our sleeping child, especially when we are traveling and sleeping in a new place. The Zen Connect allows parents and caregivers to keep an eye on their baby from anywhere. Sleek, compact, and lightweight, this monitor connects to your smartphone and features walkie-talkie capabilities, thermometer, lullabies, and video recording. You can rest assured knowing your children are safe, regardless of where they are sleeping.

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