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Schubi Flash Cards To Differentiate

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A game to promote observation and language competence

"Search the differences!" - The popular entertainment game was processed in this picture box to a entertaining partner game. 30 picture card pairs each show the same motif, but this differs in detail on the two cards. Each game partner receives a card and now, through mutual questions, the different details can be found without one can see the image of the other. For each detected difference, one of the reversing cards may be turned on the table. The more differences are revealed, the more exciting is the game, because the winner is who can call the last detail and turn the last turn around.

DIFFERENTO trains not only the observation, but also numerous other important basic functions such as listening comprehension, spatial orientation, memory and concentration. Since the description of the image details requires precise formulation, the linguistic expressiveness is intensively promoted at the same time.

DIFFERENTO is suitable for all ages and makes even adults happy.

The game is conceived as a partnership game, but the discovery of the differences in the picture can also be presented to an individual child as an oral or written task.

Contents: 30 colored picture card pairs with 3-8 differences and 17 turn-over cards, instructions.

Suitable for: all ages, as individual and partner game, language promotion, visual perception.

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