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bambinoLÜK My first colours

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The happy bambinoLÜK exercise book for language development for all children from 2 years

Colors are a very powerful and powerful one from birth onwards for children. Over colors, objects are lifted out of their surroundings and become "noticeable".

The exercise requirements on the individual pages of this booklet are designed for the children according to age: The children should recognize the images of objects from their own everyday surroundings and reproduce them in an almost unchanged presentation.

The main focus of the exercises is to recognize, store and pronounce the individual terms. Step by step, the child's vocabulary is expanded.

Until the middle of the second year, most children have about 50 words. If these exercises are accompanied by parents or educators, word treasures and expression of children are sustainably expanded.

Simple exercises to be solved by children themselves: promoting accurate observation, comparison and assignment.

Recognition of objects from the everyday environment and in an unchanged representation.

Through attentive cooperation the vocabulary is expanded and the overall ability to concentrate is sustainably strengthened and further developed.


Where is the same colored picture?

1 The color yellow 2 The color red 3 The color blue

4 Everything is orange 5 Everything is purple 6 Everything is green

7 The color black 8 Everything is white 9 Everything is pink

10 Everything is brown 11 Now it's colorful

For processing this booklet you need the bambinoLÜK control unit.

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