MiniLÜK Numbers and Counting with the Mouse

Dhs. 30.00

Learn how to calculate with your mouse and your friends

for children from 5 years

This book is written in german but can be easily used by non german speakers.

The varied exercises are concerned with the numbers up to 25.

They consist of difficult counting tasks, number words, calculating with plus and minus,

the recognition and evaluation of quantities as well as logical supplementing and combining.

The three friends mouse, elephant and duck accompany, help and motivate and make the task of solving these tasks a lot of fun!


2 How many of the individual garden fruits do you count?

4/6 Counting! / Count on!

8 Do you know the number words?

10 Count backwards!

12 Do you know the number words? - Search the caterpillar with the appropriate number of legs!

14 Find the missing numbers!

16 What number comes next?

18 Which number comes before it?

20 Which trailer has loaded more?

22 Which number is smaller? - Watch the three friends!

24 How many do everyone get?

26 Everyone brings something with - how many are they together?

28 A lot of things go down during juggling - What is the name of the rake task?

You will need the "miniLÜK" control unit for this exercise book.

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