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miniLÜK A Short Guide to Seeing and Thinking 1

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Visual Links in Tabular Form for Children from 5-7
These exercises connect pictures to visual information. Children learn to look closely and to compare thus practising at the same time their powers of perception and logical thinking.
The tabulated exercises strengthen the left brain and support the very important connection between the left and right brain. Recommended by teachers and nursery teachers.
Also available in the same format: "A Short Guide to Seeing and Thinking 2" , ISBN 978-3-89414-129-5.

2 Pictures
4 Framed pictures
6 Lots of presents
8 Sailing regatta
10 Crayon drawings
12 Fancy dress
14 Fruit
16 Vehicles seen from the top, rear and sides
18 Animal puzzle
20 Day and night
22 Wooden dolls
24 Playing children

You need a miniLÜK-controller with a transparent cover for this book.

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