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Zwitscherbox Maple

AED 241.50 VAT Inclusive

Recreation from the box. The natural sounds of the Zwitscherbox create an atmosphere that will make you feel better and relax. It is always a surprise how it is able to change our thoughts and make us forget our worries.
At home or in the office, for a short while the jolly chirping of birds lets us dive under into a world without stress and time pressure. We breathe and unwind, as on a walk in the woods: we listen to refreshing birdsong, our gaze softens and we breathe more deeply. This is healthy for the body and the spirit!

You can set up the Zwitscherbox anywhere you like or hang it on the wall. The chirping is activated by a motion sensor. Without further impulse the sound will fade out after two minutes. The box can be turned off completely by a little switch on the side of the box. It runs on three regular AA-batteries which can be replaced by unscrewing the back plate.

Sound: Birds

Size: W 110 x H 145 x D 35 mm

Weight: 262 g

Material: Plexiglas

Batteries: 3 Pcs. AA (inclusive)

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