Sterntaler Hand Puppet Farmer

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Farmers Hand Puppet Set

Didn't we all come up with the most fantastic imaginary stories while playing with hand puppets?

Hand puppets are still one of the best role play toys for girls and boys of any age.

The can train their speech, language and imagination skills while playing with these super cute and soft hand puppets.

The hand puppets are also comforters and best friends to carry around.

The son of the Toybox' founder got a Sterntaler hand puppet for his first birthday and he became his best friend. He has travelled many countries. Even his brother has inherited the hand puppet now.

Sterntaler's hand puppets are supper fluffy and soft and very suitable for cuddling and sucking.

Sterntaler is one of Germany's most well known brand for baby toys and accessories. 

Includes: Famer, Cow, Kasper, Sheep 

Box can be used as theatre.

You can read more about Sterntaler here:

By Age: from Newborn

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