Skip Hop Duo Signature Black

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The updated Duo Signature boasts a bevy of new features that moms and dads have requested. The new zip-top closure ensures essentials stay securely in the bag. It has tote handles for versatility and an easy-access tech pocket. The new front panel design allows for more storage and stability while keeping items at the bottom of the bag easily accessible. The Duo Signature still has all the classic components of the original diaper bag including our patented shuttle clips that easily convert it from a shoulder bag to a fashionable stroller bag. Signature is a classic redesign for the next generation of parents.

How to attach it to your stroller: Use the clip's smaller button to release the short stroller strap. Wrap one stroller strap aroundeach handlebar and click closed. Tuch the shoulder strap into the bar or remove it for neater look.

For more details see specification.

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