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Schubi Flash Cards What to do now?

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The ball rolls into the street, a child can not play along with the play of other children, a strange man in the car asks for the way - even children in the kindergarten age get into problem, conflict or even danger situations. The question is then "What now?" How can I behave? In each of the eighteen situations, the children are presented with three options for action that encourage reflection, discussion, and speaking about their own experiences. Is there a preferred solution? How could I still behave? What does one or other behavior mean? The children recognize that there are situations where it is important to keep a cool head. They learn that in difficult situations, it is only necessary to think first and then to act, and that different solutions are usually possible. Three image sequences show clear danger situations. To them, there are cards with variants of action that need to be warned. These sequences require a special reflection. In addition, two series of pictures address the issue of "good and bad secrets" in which the children learn that there are secrets that are badly felt and should be allowed to be betrayed!

Content: 18 situation maps and 3 solution cards (action variants), a total of 72 colored picture cards, size 9 x 9 cm, with instructions.

Suitable for: children from 4 years, kindergarten, preschool, first school years, language promotion, speech therapy

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