Schubi Flash Cards Visual Consequences

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Riding a bicycle, eating ice cream, building a snowman:

15 simple, visual consequences from the child's action spectrum promote the perception of visual differences, attention, creativity and observation. The first card of each episode shows the initial situation of a childish daily routine. An element is added to each of the following cards and an action step is added. The last card of the sequence shows the outcome of the action. The sequences can be shortened by individual cards at any point in the sequence and adapted accordingly to the development of the child. The deliberately small-scale actions from the "Kinderalltag" demand a precise view and a differentiated description. They serve as a spreading system and offer a good starting point for telling their own experiences. The visual material can be used both in visual perception, as well as in the work on vocabulary and the expansion of linguistic expressiveness.

Contents: 15 simple actions in 4 - 6 steps, a total of 78 colored picture cards, size 9 x 9 cm, with instructions.

Suitable for: children from 4 years, kindergarten, preschool, visual perception, language promotion, therapy, special education

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