Pinolino Hand Cart Paxi

Dhs. 835.00 Dhs. 650.00

The Pinolino Hand Cart Paxi can be used in many ways.

You can take it to the park as well as to the beach or why not put your shopping bags inside?

It´s a fantastic way to give your children a ride or to carry your picnic basket and all the beach items. 

It is easy to fold and easy to transport in the back of your car  - if needed.

Metal frame, painted black and fabric, gray
Fabric 100% PU
Incl. sunroof
L 124 cm, W 59 cm, H 67 cm or with sun shade 102 cm
Folded together in a few easy steps, dimensions L 22 cm, W 63 cm, H 80 cm
Loading area: L 86 cm, W 43 cm, H 25 cm
PU tires, steel axles
With rear pocket for additional storage space
Load capacity 70 kg
Incl. Carrying bag for easy transport
Only for the transport of goods

By Age: 2 - 99 years

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