Olala Boutique Leo, Leni & Lila Night Lights

Dhs. 249.00

Léo, Léni and Nina night lights softly illuminate the child’s room. Mobile and movable throughout the house, they last 12 hours without being plugged in.

  • 3 LED night lights, small and light
  • 3 night lights for 1, 2 or 3 children
  • The size of is suitable for a child’s small hand
  • Mobile and movable throughout the house
  • Automatically switch on when removed from the base
  • Charge up when they touch the base in only 3 hours. No wire, no battery
  • Safe for the kids: they do not overheat. They cannot break. They cannot be opened
  • 12-hour autonomy per light
  • Light soft and smoothing
  • Washable
  • French design
  • Delivery may take 6 - 8 days
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