Nic-Cubio Babypack 1

Dhs. 125.00

NIC Cubio Wooden Building Blocks, Babypack 1, 20 parts     NIC – simply something special
Wooden toys are very much in fashion. Sustainability and product quality, as well as the current leaning to organic products, clearly illustrate this trend.As traditional manufacturers of wooden toys, with headquarters in southern Germany, we have placed great value on exceptional, robust and creative toys since 25 years.

The assortment is constantly being developed and enhanced with new and innovative products.Even the youngest of children are inspired by our toys.We encourage the use of imagination combined with fun and games even for the play-rug age group. Design and format, however, always leave enough room for creativity.

These days especially, we feel that it is important, considerate and meaningful to convey values such as quality and longevity to children.When children emulate what they have experienced,the toy becomes the motor and, at the same time,the expression of their personal development.
Thus, it improves alertness and concentration – and stimulates the young imagination.The many different playing possibilities and the creative design serve to train powers of deduction, motor skills and the development of the senses.

By Age: 18 month

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