Does your child want to get to know the world through play? With its 318 parts, including tools, as well as instructions, the Matador Classic 2 set inspires the fantasy and three-dimensional thinking of your child.

These MATADOR wooden construction kits encourage the development of children's imagination — and help them bring their ideas to life — in a way that is unique worldwide. By offering a fitting accuracy that is completely unparalleled among wooden toys, they create the ideal foundations for building both simple and complex models. Precision-drilled construction blocks, plus connecting rods, axles and wheel discs that fit perfectly, open up a whole world of construction that has been captivating young and old for generations.

And thanks to supplement kits (featuring cogwheels and motors, for example) that have stood the test of experience, MATADOR wooden construction kits are a sophisticated toy that children can use to create logical links between theory and practice during their developmental stages.

Content: 318 parts incl. Building instruction and tools
Aged: 5 and up
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