Matador Klassik Nr. 1

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Nothing is as important for the healthy development of children as lively, unhampered play. This is exactly the kind of play that the Matador Classic 1 set encourages. Content: 222 parts inclusive building instruction and tools.

These MATADOR wooden construction kits encourage the development of children's imagination — and help them bring their ideas to life — in a way that is unique worldwide. By offering a fitting accuracy that is completely unparalleled among wooden toys, they create the ideal foundations for building both simple and complex models. Precision-drilled construction blocks, plus connecting rods, axles and wheel discs that fit perfectly, open up a whole world of construction that has been captivating young and old for generations.

And thanks to supplement kits (featuring cogwheels and motors, for example) that have stood the test of experience, MATADOR wooden construction kits are a sophisticated toy that children can use to create logical links between theory and practice during their developmental stages.

MATADOR construction kits encapsulate the creativity innate in every child, and the desire to not only create, but also use renewable materials that are close to nature. Ranging from extra-large blocks for children aged 18 month and up - the age which they start consciously engaging with play- to functional construction elements for girls and boys aged 3 and up, our construction kits are made from high-quality hardwood from domestic Austrian forests. Every Matador construction kit is:

• Free from harmful substances
• Emission-free and tested regularly
• Harmless colors
Majority of our parts are natural, but the colored parts are also safe even if your child puts them in the mouth
• High-quality materials
Matador is produced to 99.5% in Austria, exclusively using Austrian beech wood
• Safety certifications
The Certificate “PEFC“ and the ”HolzCert Austria“ confirm sustainable forest management
• Production Accuracy
Our parts are cut to the accuracy of 1/100 th of a millimeter and drilled to ensure a perfect fit
• Organic production
Minimum wood waste in production. Environmentally heated production. Largely use green electricity. Package is sourced from the product.
• Quality production since 1903
The most legendary Austrian toy and the most famous Wooden kits of all time
• Durable Products
A Matador construction kit is passed down from one generation to the next
• Product Continuity
Each Matador part is available separately and continuity of the product range is always guaranteed
• Open Production
The Matador factory in AUSTRIA Waidhofen / Thaya is accessible to everyone. Detailed guided tours take place periodically

Content: 222 parts incl. Building instruction and tools
Aged: 5 and up 

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