KNOX Incense Candles Forest Fragrance (24)

Dhs. 17.00

KNOX Incense Candles Forest Fragrance (24)

There the smoker has something nice to smoke!

The special feature of these incense candles is on the one hand the great scent,on the other hand your packaging.

A smoker, the Seiffner church on the mountain and a pyramid have been beautifully drawn here.


Light the incense at the top and place on a fireproof Underlay .


* 24 pieces

* Scent forest scent

* Size of an incense candle: 25mm


Incense candles may only be used on a fireproof base and under supervision

.All incense burners can become hot during use.

Always place the censers on a temperature-resistant surface.


Width: 6,50 cm

Height: 12.00 cm

Depth: 2.20 cm

This is not a toy!

Not to be used by children!

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