Incense Smoker Arab with a Falcon

Dhs. 399.00

Handmade German incense smoker .

The incense Smoker represents the very german tradition of handcrafted wooden collectables from the Erzgebirge ( South East Germany close to the Czech boarder). They are used as a Christmas decoration.

In the past the incense was used to bless the home , bring health and good luck to ones house.

The incense smokers represent many occupations and trades.

How to use your incense smoker :

Lift the upper body from the lower body and place the incense cone inside on the metal plate on the bottom half of the smoker.

Light a match and tip the top of the incense cone with the flame long enough to start  glowing. Then blow out the match.

Put back the upper body part onto the bottom part and the incense smoker will start to smoke.

You find different incense sticks in our shop.


Width: 12cm

Hight: 26 cm

Depth: 12 cm

Weight: 100 gr

This is not a toy! The product is only to be used for decoration. Not to be used by children!

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