Hauck Open'n Stop Safety Gate (74- 81cm) + (9 cm) + (9 cm) Extensions / White

Dhs. 185.00
The safety gate Open'n Stop offers child-friendly safety at home. The attachment is done fast and easy. The metal gate is clamped by pressure mounting between walls or doorways. Drilling and screwing is not necessary.The Open'n Stop Safety Gate is suitable for widths from 75 to 81 cm and has a two-fold manual locking mechanism. It can be opened with one hand and locks reliably in a childproof closure.The Open'n Stop Safety Gate is SGS-certified and offers optimum safety. The box includes 2x 9cm extension to allow for widths between 93 and 99cm
• A safety gate with two 9cm extension • Easy to fix individually due to adjustable screws • locking mechanism for double safety • Opens to both sides • high-quality metal safety gate • optional: 9cm and 21cm extension safety gate (extend up to 123 cm) • separate available: Y-spindles mountable on stair rungs

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