Hauck "Dream'n Play Go Plus Jungle Fun"

Dhs. 349.00

The colourful bus and the cute zoo animals invite you to a trip in our Dream'n Play Go Plus Fun.

In this bed, your child will sleep on your trips like it does at home. The travel bed bus does not only look great but is also perfect for travelling or visiting grandma and grandpa. At home, you can use it as a practical second bed.

Your child can also play in the Dream'n Play Go Plus Fun and crawl through the exit. This is fun.

With the help of the little rolls, the Dream'n Play Go Plus Fun can be moved around in the room easily.

The travel cot is built up and put together in only a few simple steps and can be stored space-savingly in the carrying bag. Thanks to the little rolls, the travel cot can be pulled conveniently for transport just like a suitcase.

By Age: from birth - 15kg

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