fischertip TiP Princess 600

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Be a princess once in your life: the Princess 600 bucket contains everything a little princess could wish for. The bucket offers everything you need to make up all the accessories, whether princess model, tiara, jewel box, functioning mirror, bracelet or necklace with a charm. Special color mixture with pink, violet and skin color.

Contents: approx. 600 TiPs, sponge, cutting tool, make-it-yourself instructions for 6 models, string, mirror foil, 3x cardboard template

By Age: 3+


What is TiP?

fischer TiP ingeniously simple – simply ingenious:

Since launched in 1998, fischer TiP has become successfully established. The reason for this is the high quality of the products and materials. The potato starch used is obtained from domestic farms and is 100% biodegradable. Our active environmental management helps us contribute to ensuring an intact environment for ourselves and future generations. This is also reflected in the new material chosen for our tools, where we have opted for a resource-preserving bioplastic with high wood share. The tools are made of wood-plastic composite produced by injection moulding. fischer TiP is a quality product "made in Germany" which is regularly audited by independent test institutes. The creative material has received many renowned awards, such as the "Golden Rocking Horse", "Top 10 Toy" and given the "very good" accolade by the Öko Test consumer magazine (11/2008).  

The advantages of potato starch are clear:

  • Sticks without glue, water is all it needs - therefore safe and harmless

  • Outstanding adhesive characteristic

  • Brilliant powerful lustrous colours

  • Renewable raw material and therefore environmentally friendly and sustainable

  • 100% biodegradable

  • Tools made of bioplastic

  • Neutral smell

  • High quality "Made in Germany

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