Fiesta Crafts Red Riding Hood set (Hand & Finger Puppet Set)

Dhs. 136.00
Recommended by Good Toy Guide

Soft and cuddly hand puppet with finger puppets

Ideal for re-enacting the story
Great for communication skills and creativity
Imaginative play knows no bounds as this super soft hand puppet and finger puppet set brings the much-loved classic tale to life and is a fabulous activity to both entertain children and their families as well as encouraging development of children’s creativity and imagination. Includes Little Red Riding Hood hand puppet, Wolf, Grandma and the woodcutter finger puppets. The finger puppets are stored in pockets on Red Riding Hood’s skirt. Suitable from 3 to 9 years.

What they said:
“Children like familiar stories they can repeat over and over again and with these puppets than can not only re-tell stories but expand and create using their own interpretation. Pretending to be a character can help build children’s confidence especially for children with special educational needs or children who are shy.” - Good Toy Guide

Age: 3-9 (28 x 32 cm, Pieces: 4)
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