Fiesta Crafts Noughts & Crosses - Stickabouts® Game

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If you don’t play travel games on a long journey, did you even travel anywhere? The Stickabouts® Games are a series of mini, travel sized pocket money games that are perfect for all journeys, long and short! With a colourful range of handy travel-sized versions of the traditional board game favourites children will entertained and engaged, whether it’s trying to win tic tac toe, connect four or solitaire. Each game has clear instructions that are easy to follow.

Made from the popular Stickabouts® material, the game pieces stick to the board, making lost pieces a thing of the past! Plus it makes packing away even easier. Stickabouts® are glue free stickers that are washable and reusable. Travelling will never be the same!

This 2 player traditional game is a battle to be the first player to get three of their pieces in a row on the grid – either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Win, lose, or draw, this game is perfect entertainment on any kind of journey.

Age: 5+ (30.5 x 15 cm, Pieces: 11)
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