Fiesta Crafts Hand Puppet Fairy

Dhs. 104.00

Stories can be made up, told and re-told with this soft-to-the-touch hand puppet, keeping lively minds enthralled for hours.

Not only is it a great toy for individual play, it is also designed to encourage role playing with others improving their confidence and communication skills.

Children love puppets - present a child with a puppet and they think of of fun, adventure, stories and at the very least, they'll smile.

From a parent/educator perspective puppets are fabulous for a child's development.

Once put on a hand or finger, the child has to get the puppet to do something.

It forces them to be creative, imaginative and communicative in a way that very few other toys could achieve.

Then, the child will want to put on a show (with or without a Fiesta Crafts puppet theatre) providing joyous home entertainment (away from the screens) and further improving their speech and language skills and their confidence.

Not surprisingly, puppets are used extensively throughout the UK and US education system.

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