Fiesta Crafts Fish N Spell

Dhs. 132.00

With 4 languages!!

Silver Award Good Toy Guide 2008, Silver Award Practical Pre-School Awards 2008

Really fun way to learn spellings by being the first to find and put in order the letters to spell the target word

Comes with 100 suggested words in 4 language options.
Can be used with your own words to spell
Comes with 80 letters - enough to spell most common words
Ages 4 -9
Fish N Spell is an exciting speed fishing game for two players that promotes literacy and co-ordination skills. Learning to spell in 4 languages has never been so much fun! Made from real wood and fabric, Fish N Spell is a colourful and action-packed game which requires skill, speed and a steady hand! Pick one of the 100 word cards and then use your magical sticky rod to fish frantically in a mad dash to be the first to ‘catch’ the correct letters and spell the word. All the Fish N Spell game cards are printed in English, Spanish, Italian and French, providing additional educational appeal and a fun way for children to learn simple French words, an important factor with languages being part of the Key Stage 2 Curriculum.

Sticky pad on rod can be wiped with water to restore stickyness

With three different ways to play, Fish N Spell offers long-lasting value and continues Fiesta Crafts’ great tradition of learning through play.

By Ager: 4-9 years

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