Doomoo Seat Dandelion Taupe

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 doomoo seat is an adaptable and multi-functional bean bag that guarantees total comfort both to tiny babies from birth onwards (thanks to its safety harness), as well as to bigger children (up to 30 kg). Thanks to its 2 upper layers that can be detached and interchanged, doomoo seat can be altered to suit the age and development of the child.


1.First use - doomoo seat with safety harness

Has been designed for babies from birth onwards your baby will be quite comfortable, wether sitting up or reclining.

Sitting Position : Before placing the baby in the doomoo seat , apply pressure with hands to the front of the doomoo seat in order to push the microballs back and create a back rest.

Reclining Position: Spread out the microballs evenly to create a snug little nest for your baby.

2. Second use - doomoo seat without safety harness

- can be used as soon as the child is able to sit up by itself

- By redistribution the micro balls , the child can mould the seat to suit its favourite position

Is is entirely the parents or carers responsibility which layer should be used ( taking into account babies weight , age, height and the extent of the child's activity.

The doomoo seat is a long life product.

After a certain time of use it is possible , and absolutely normal, that the micro balls inside the doomoo seat give signs of flattening.

For that reason refills of 20 litres of polystyrene micro balls are available.

The refilling of the doomoo seat can be done easily after unzipping the double zip located on the back of the seat.CARE

- The upper 2 layers are machine washable at 30 degrees

- Do not tumble dry

- The base of the bean bag in laminated fabric may be cleaned with a damp cloth

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