Childhome Bedside Crib Beech Natural

Dhs. 999.00
Childhome Bedside Crib Beech: Natural – White

It can be placed directly next to the mother's bed

The bed base can easily be adapted to the height of the parents bed on 9 different heights (minimum height is 30 cm and maximum height is 55 cm)

Slightly larger than a normal crib to assure the baby's comfort
The bedside crib has 4 slatted sides so your baby can enjoy

optimal air circulation during its sleep

One slatted rail of the bedside crib can be adjusted in 3 different heights (85 cm, 59,5 cm and 46 cm) and can be removed when necessary

Delivered with a support strap to assure a firm fixatio 

Delivery may vary.

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