Childhome Baizy Sleeper Chair Set

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Every newborn prefers to sleep in a protective and cosy shell that remembers them of being in the womb, yet a cradle or a crib only fits your baby for a few months. Parents are therefore hesitant towards investing in them. What if you could transform your cradle easily into a different product afterwards? The Baizy Sleeper Chair provides the answer.

This comfortable and soft cradle converts into 2 stylish, low chairs that are suitable for children up to 12 years old. Not only provides the Baizy Sleeper Chair your little one with a modern, safe and eco-friendly first cot for dreaming the sweetest dreams, it also provides you with two trendy and comfortable chairs that fit effortlessly into your children's bedroom or even your own living room.

The Baizy Sleeper Chair is a sustainable product made out of recycled PET felt. Recycled PET plastic bottles are used for the production of PET felt, minimizing waste without the emission of dangerous gasses. PET felt is lightweight which makes the Baizy Sleeper Chair easy to move. Both chairs are made by thermos pressing in a mould. As a result the chairs have no sharp edges. Also PET felt is a very soft material, which makes it perfect for the usage on babyproducts. On top of that this innovative material provides good air circulation so your baby can enjoy the necessary fresh air during its sleep.

Due to the multi-functionality of the design of the Baizy Sleeper Chair, the product has a long product life cycle. You and your child will enjoy these items for years to come. 

The Baizy Sleeper Chair is deliverd with a mattress made to fit the cradle of the Baizy Sleeper Chair. This mattress can be devided in two with the help of a zipper underneath and transforms into two comfortable seat cushions for the 2 chairs of the Baizy Sleeper Chair. 
Size of the mattress: 40 x 80 x 8 cm - Size of the seat cushion: 40 x 40 x 8 cm.
Kids chairs: maximum 40 kg and maximum 12 years.

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