bambinoLÜK First Counting 3 - 5 years

Dhs. 30.00

Simple observation and counting exercises for children from approx. 3 years; without texts, from children themselves.

The exercises train the exact viewing, comparing and counting of objects of the daily environment. In this way, the children are cautiously prepared for the handling of numbers and are introduced to the first calculation in a playful way.


1 Where are the same things?

2 Find the same number of similar vehicles!

3 Find the same number of strawberries

4 Where are the same number of apples?

5 + 6 Match the same number!

7 Where is the number of cube points?

8 Which numbers belong to the fingers?

9 + 10 Which number is missing?

11 Assign the numbers to the dominoes!

You will need the bambinoLÜK solution for this exercise book.

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