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The Wobbel finds it’s origin in the Waldorf schools. With the Wobbel we present this classic balance board in a modern design and contemporary editions. Wobbel: The wooden toy that moves young and old.

The Wobbel stimulates balance and strength during play and use. In a playful way, but very efficiently, it supports physical awareness and balance. When using it as a training device, specific muscle groups can be isolated, while other exercises train big muscle groups. This goes for (young) children, adults and even the elderly.

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Wobbel 360 - toybox.ae
Wobbel 360
AED 803.00
Wobbel Orginal - Forest Felt - toybox.ae
Wobbel Original - Clear Lacquer - toybox.ae
Wobbel Original - Mustard Felt - toybox.ae
Wobbel Original - Powder Felt - toybox.ae
Wobbel Original - Sky Felt - toybox.ae
Wobbel Pro - Forest - toybox.ae
Wobbel Pro - Forest
AED 665.00
Wobbel Pro - Mouse Felt - toybox.ae
Wobbel Pro - Mustard - toybox.ae
Wobbel Pro - Sky - toybox.ae
Wobbel Pro - Sky
AED 665.00
Wobbel Pro - Wild Rose - toybox.ae
Wobbel XL - Clear Lacquer - toybox.ae
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