Before your child goes on an adventure, the road segments have enjoyed a road trip of their own. To ensure to high safety and quality standards we control the entire production process ourselves. We only work with partners we know and trust. The road segments are made and shaped in Germany after which the all important road markings are added in The Netherlands. Because we have embraced the ‘impact first’ approach, we have teamed up with a sheltered employment provider, that provides work for people with little access to the regular labour market. With great care, attention and dedication they add the road markings to both sides of the road segments. Last, but not least, our packaging is fully recyclable.
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Waystoplay Expressway - toybox.ae
Waystoplay Expressway
Dhs. 225.00
Waytoplay Highway - toybox.ae
Waytoplay Highway
Dhs. 310.00
Waytoplay Ringroad - toybox.ae
Waytoplay Ringroad
Dhs. 179.00
Waytoplay King of the Road
Waytoplay Parking Extension Set - toybox.ae
Waytoplay Grand Prix
Waytoplay Grand Prix
Dhs. 310.00
Waytoplay X Candylab Speedway
Waytoplay Curves Extension Set
Waytoplay Straight Extension Set
Waystoplay Crossing Extension Set
Waytoplay X Candylab Open Road
Waytoplay X Candylab City Block
Waytoplay Halfway Extension Set
Waytoplay Start & Finish Extension Set
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