Touch Rings & Rattles

Our collection of Touch Rings & Rattles includes wooden and non wooden touch rings.

All products are made of non toxic materials as babies will chew their rattles as well.

Our manufactures are Heimess, Everearth, Nic, Hape, Skip Hop and Yookidoo.

42 results
EverEarth Crocodile Rattle Toy -
EverEarth Owl Baby Rattle -
EverEarth Pink Leaf Grasping Ring -
Hape Happy Clown Rattle -
Hape Mr. Magic rattle -
Hape Rainbow Rattle -
Hape Rainbow Rattle
Dhs. 35.00
Hape Stay Put Rattle Set -
Heimess Touch Ring Bear with Pearls -
Heimess Touch ring elastic ball, red pearl wiht white spots -
Heimess Touch Ring Elastic Cage Rattle -
Heimess Touch ring elastic rainbow ball -
Heimess Touch ring elastic to roll -
Heimess Touch ring hedgehog with pearls -
Heimess Touch ring mermaid -
Heimess Touch ring mermaid
Dhs. 37.00 Dhs. 47.00
Heimess Touch Ring Mouse -
Heimess Touch ring rainbow pearls -
Heimess Touch ring spinning top with pearls -
Nic-Wooden Rattle tower with 3 passages -
Sigikid Activity clip bear -
Sigikid Activity elephant -
Sigikid Rattle ring giraffe -
Sigikid Rattle Ring Lion -
Skip Hop Explore & More Egg Shaker Trio -
Skip Hop Explore & More Roll Around Rattles Different Animals -
Skip Hop Rattle &  Play and Tug & Clutter -
Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Ball Trio -
Tomy Toomies Grip & Grab Musical Monkey -
Touch ring elastic bear nature -
Walter-Go-Go Flexible Wooden Rattle with Bell -
Walter-Grip-n-Car Minicar Wooden Baby Rattle -
Walter-Pyramid Flexible Wooden Clutching Toy -
Walter-Triangle Flexible Wooden Clutching Toy -
Yookidoo Cow 'Shake me" Rattle -
Yookidoo Dog 'Shake me' Rattle -
Yookidoo Donkey ' Shake me' Rattle -
42 results
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