Lamaze toys are designed to spark little triumphs at every stage of baby’s development. Created in conjunction with child development experts, Lamaze toys inspire healthy play and learning. Lamaze toys encourage baby to grow and develop through features that promote together time between parent and baby and activities that encourage baby to explore and learn independently. The high quality, bright colors, friendly faces, crinkly fabrics and contrasting patterns of Lamaze toys have made them a favorite of parents, babies and experts for more than two decades.
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Lamaze Little Grip Rattle  Mouse -
Lamaze Cheer Chimes Bunny -
Lamaze Bella The Bunny Blankie -
Lamaze Cheery Chirpers Ostrich -
Lamaze Cheery Chirpers Flamingo -
Lamaze Squeezy Donkey -
Lamaze Squeezy Donkey
Dhs. 104.00
Dhs. 83.00
Lamaze Play & Grow Tilly Twinklewings -
Lamaze "Symphony Oscar " -
Symphony Oscar
Dhs. 157.00
Lamaze Freddie the Firefly Highchair -
Lamaze Tug & Play Knot -
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