Schubi Flash Cards Preposition Stories

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In, on, under, over, in front of, besides, between,

Many children have difficulties with their prepositions.

With the picture stories, they learn how to correctly assign space concepts and use them correctly. At the same time, their imagination is encouraged. In each story two prepositions are introduced. Both prepositions occur in connection with a goal set in history twice, once in the dative and once in the accusative. With the question of the place with "where" and the question of the direction of movement with "where?" / "What about?" The children can be guided in dialogue with the goal of the map and thus the correct preposition , of which the last two maps offer two different ways of proceeding. The story of stories can also be used as stories with different outputs independently of the prepositions.

Content: 18 color picture stories with 4 individual cards, total 74 picture cards, size 9 x 9 cm, with instructions.

Suitable for: children from 5 years, kindergarten, preschool, first school year, language promotion, speech therapy

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