Schubi Flash Card Before, After and In - Between

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Picture Box : Twice the same picture and yet different!

24 colored sequences of pictures show using three images each how and what things or persons have changed

Twice the same and yet different!

Once the apple is whole, once cut into halves. Once the drawing sheet is empty, a colorful children's picture is displayed.

The children should always find out what happened in between and what tool, equipment or machine was needed.

The child-friendly, appealing pictures challenge you to look, compare and narrate.

Contents: 24 colored sequences with 3 cards each, 72 cards total, 9 x 9 cm. The backs are marked with the letters A, B and C:

Picture A: Output object, initial position

Figure B: Means to change the output object (tool, device, machine)

Picture C: Final product, final situation

1 Instructions

Suitable for: kindergarten, preschool, special education, language promotion, logical thinking.

By Age: 2+

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