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Le petit pink cuddle  elephant -
Sigikid Comforter, Ele Bele -
Sigikid Comforter, Leonora -
Sigikid Comforter bunny, Organic -
Sigikid Comforter Bear Red -
Le petit yellow cuddle duck -
Le petit blue cuddle  elephant -
Sterntaler Cuddle Cloth Horse small -
Comforter bear green, Wild and Berry Bears -
Sterntaler Cuddle Cloth Elephant -
Done By Deer Cozy Friend Ozzo Powder Stripe -
Done By Deer Cozy Friend Elphee Grey -
Beleduc Hand Puppet Cat Cleo -
Beleduc Hand Puppet Horse Percy -
Beleduc Hand Puppet Dog Harry -
Beleduc Hand Puppet Sheep Sally -
Beleduc Hand Puppet Mouse Martin -
Sterntaler Cuddle Cloth Dog - small -
Sterntaler Cuddle Cloth Edda - small -
Childhome Teddy Bear Snoozy Clouds -
Sigikid Comforter, Schaf Schön -
Sigikid Comforter bear, Mountain Beasts -
Sigikid Comforter, Sepp Sapalato -
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