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Our Christmas decoration is hand crafted and hand painted in Germany.

74 results
Incense Smoker Arab with a Falcon - toybox.ae
Snow globe as Santa reader
Snow globe Santa at Christmas tree
Red lantern snowman scene
Snow globe Santa in the hoods
Snow globe with Christmas tree, 100 mm
Snow Globe children build a snowman
Snow globe Christmas tree
Snow Globe Carousell
Nutcracker king blue 21 cm - toybox.ae
Nutcracker Husar Green-Nature 28cm - toybox.ae
Nutcracker soldier 21 cm - toybox.ae
Nutcracker king 20 cm - toybox.ae
Nutcracker king blue 17 cm - toybox.ae
Candle arc santa for candles 14 mm - toybox.ae
miniature pyramid angel, miner, nutcracker - toybox.ae
Christmas tree top - toybox.ae
Christmas tree top
AED 125.00
Ornament wood chip star - toybox.ae
Ornament little horseman colored - toybox.ae
Winter Child red on a sledge - toybox.ae
Mini Nutcracker King Blue - Orange - toybox.ae
Ornament nutcracker blue, yellow - toybox.ae
Christmas Tree Decoration - toybox.ae
Ornament sledge mini (4) - toybox.ae
Wobbly animal dinosaur, green - toybox.ae
Ornament santa - toybox.ae
Ornament santa
AED 60.00
Climbing Santa - toybox.ae
Climbing Santa
AED 60.00
wobbly animal elk - toybox.ae
wobbly animal elk
AED 55.00
Wobbly animal Christmas elk - toybox.ae
Mini Nutcracker King Green Red 8cm - toybox.ae
Mini Nutcracker King Black - White - toybox.ae
Incense Smoker Arab With A Teapot - toybox.ae
Nutcracker soldier blue 34 cm - toybox.ae
Nutcracker santa 32 cm - toybox.ae
Nutcracker king small 21 cm - toybox.ae
Pyramid Santa Claus - toybox.ae
Pyramid Santa Claus
AED 150.00
74 results
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