Bumpa Mats

Established in 2009, Bumpa Mats is an Australian owned & operated brand created to fill a gaping hole in the market for safe, hygienic, functional, aesthetically pleasing mats.
Having firmly stood the test of time and durability in high traffic childcare conditions, Bumpa Mats are now enjoyed in both homes and the education sector alike.
Testament to their appeal, the brand has expanded globally into UK, Europe, Middle East, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and soon to be, USA.
For any environment where children eat, rest, play and learn, you too shall enjoy the safety, comfort, style and peace of mind Bumpa Mats is now renown for.
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Aqua Honeycomb/Euro Track
Beige Honeycomb/Pink Track
Bumpa Mat - Diamond/Fairy Tales
Bumpa Mat - Grey Stripe/Pink Track
Diamond/Fairy Tales
Diamond/Fairy Tales
AED 950.00
Grey Honeycomb/Blue Track
Grey Star/Blue Track
Grey Star/Pink Track
Grey Stripe/Euro Track
Grey Stripe/Pink Track
Scandi/Euro Track
Scandi/Euro Track
AED 950.00
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