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Tiger Tribe

"We started Tiger Tribe in 2007 (in the garage of our family home) - parents of two little tigers. Our vision was to design children’s gifts and toys that were creative, engaging and affordable. We wanted to create products that our own kids would play with, that tapped into a child’s imagination and sense of fun."

Tiger Tribe design compact and portable activity sets that are ideal for café play and travel. Compact enough to throw into mum’s handbag, the family daypack, carry-on luggage or a kid’s backpack.

Each and every Tiger Tribe product is designed to pass all required children safety standards.

106 results
Foil Art - Fairy
Foil Art - Fairy
AED 63.00
Fruity Scented Coloured Markers
Jewellery Design Kit - Pom Pom Bracelet
Journal - This Is Me - Dream. Reflect. Inspire.
Mermaid Magnets - toybox.ae
Mermaid Magnets
AED 50.00
Movable Window Art - Butterflies
Neon Colouring Set - Road Stars - toybox.ae
Rainbow Lab - Playing with Colour
3D Colouring Set - Fierce Creatures - toybox.ae
Activity Pack - Garden - toybox.ae
Activity Pack - Monsters & Aliens - toybox.ae
Activity Pack - Street Party - toybox.ae
Alphabet Flash Cards - Neon - toybox.ae
Artist Kit - Learn. Imagine. Create. - toybox.ae
Bath Crayons - toybox.ae
Bath Garden - Spring Flowers - toybox.ae
Bath Stories - Alphabet Soup - toybox.ae
Bath Stories - Once Upon a  Mermaid - toybox.ae
Beat the Clock - Stopwatch Set - toybox.ae
Button Puzzle - Animals - toybox.ae
Card Making Kit - Fiesta Fun - toybox.ae
Card Making Kit - Party - toybox.ae
Cloth Book - Gumtree Buddies - toybox.ae
Colouring Pack - Pirates - toybox.ae
<html>Colouring Pack - Supercars<sup> </sup></html> - toybox.ae
<html>Colouring Pack - Woodland Friends<sup> </sup></html> - toybox.ae
Colouring Set - Adventures - toybox.ae
Colouring Set - Ballet - toybox.ae
Colouring Set - Construction - toybox.ae
Colouring Set - Magical Creatures - toybox.ae
Colouring Set - Transport - toybox.ae
Colouring Set - Unicorn Magic - toybox.ae
Comic Book Kit - Practice. Plan. Create. - toybox.ae
Cross Stitch Kit - Glow In The Dark - toybox.ae
Fabulous Felt - Dress Ups - toybox.ae
Fabulous Felt - Jungle Party - toybox.ae
106 results
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