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Koko Cardboards

KOKO CARDBOARDS is eco-friendly design: DIY kits, toys, and furniture.

All made out of cardboard.

The DIY CC might be your (as a parent) gate to a magical time with your kid.

Not all of us parents must be art talented, creative, and ideal of what to do with your kids in a spare time. We give you a solution. An easy way (step by step) to show your kids that it is possible to make amazing things out of pure paper and that you are able to do it with them, together.

18 results
KoKo Cardboard DIY Rainbow Vintage
KoKo Cardboard DIY Rainbow Organic
KoKo Cardboard DIY Rainbow Nude
KoKo Cardboard DIY Rainbow Mono Pink
KoKo Cardboard DIY Rainbow Natural
DIY Figure - Triceratops
DIY Figure - T Rex
DIY Figure - T Rex
AED 99.00
DIY Figure - Stegosaurus
DIY Figure - Rhino
DIY Figure - Rhino
AED 99.00
DIY Figure - Pony
DIY Figure - Pony
AED 99.00
DIY Figure - Penguin
DIY Figure - Kangaroo
DIY Figure - Giraffe
DIY Figure - Elephant
DIY Costume - Unicorn
DIY Costume - Traveller
DIY Costume - T-Rex
DIY Costume - T-Rex
AED 125.00
DIY Costume - Astronaut
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