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Elodie Details

Elodie Details is a Swedish design brand founded in Stockholm in 2005 by Linda

Sätterström, shortly after her daughter Elodie was born. The premise was to turn

ever yday baby products into high-quality fashion accessories through a unique

combination of utility, design and durability.

30 results
Elodie Pacifier Clip Wood faded rose
Elodie Pacifier Clip patch playful pepe
Elodie Sun Hat Pretty Petrol 6-12 months
Elodie Sun Hat Pretty Petrol 0-6 months
Elodie Sun Hat Precious Preppy 0-6 months
Elodie Sun Hat Mineral Green 6-12 months
Elodie Sun Hat Mineral Green 0-6 month
Snuggle Pal-Unicorn James
Elodie Pacifier Clip Wood  gold
Elodie Pacifier Clip Wood  burned clay
Elodie Pacifier Clip-Wild Paris
Elodie Pacifier Clip golden vintage flower
Elodie Pacifier - Kindness Cat
Pacifier Clip  Rebel Poodle Paul
Elodie Pacifier Clip-Kindness Cat Placement
Elodie Pacifier - Water colour Wings
Pacifier-Rebel Poodle Paul
Elodie Pacifier - Rebel Poodle Paul
Elodie House of Elodie Snuggle house
Elodie - Children's Dinner Set 3pieces - Vanilla White
Elodie-Children's Dinner Set 3pieces - Gold
Dry Bib Precious Preppy
Dry Bib Powder Pink
Elodie Bib-Powder pink
Bib-Faded Rose
Bib-Faded Rose
AED 141.75
Elodie Bib-Faux Leather
Elodie Bib-Desert Weaves
Elodie Bamboo Muslin Blanket - Faded Rose
Elodie Bamboo Muslin Blanket - Desert Weaves
Bamboo Muslin Blanket-Dots of Fauna
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